Art Selection

"Starry Night"

LED Lit versions have limited availability - Please ask

"Turtle Life"

"Journey's End"

"Autumn Moonlight"

"Morning Coffee"

"Winter House"

"Welcome Gate"

"Places You'll Go!"

"Frosty & Friend"

"Your Penguin Family"


"Picasso's Dream"

"Art Heals Hearts"

"Sailing Away"

"Cat's Meow"

"Eagle Swoop"

"Curly Hill"

"Autumn Trail"

"Lakeside Forrest"

"Serengeti Giraffe"

"The Falls"


"Pura Vida"

"Standing Guard"


"White Birch"

"Cocktail Hour"

"Cardinal - Wine Glass"

"Grape Vines - Wine Glass"

"Cherry Blossoms - Wine Glass"

"Dog Face - Wine Glass"

"Flamingo - Wine Glass"

"Stained Glass - Wine Glass"

"Lavender Field"

"Open Heart"

"Tropical Tango"

"Butterfly Kisses"

"Sunrise Sail"

"Fish Are Friends"


"Eiffel Love"


"Winter Wonder"

"Paris Path"

"Go Fish!"

paint and cocktails Beachy


"North Country"

"Prism Grove"


"The Great Pumpkin"

"Welcome Glow"

"Tuscan Hills"


"Dragonfly Dance"

"Red Leaves"
paint & cocktails moonlight palm
"Moonlight Palm"
"Shaken Not Stirred"
"Raven's Night"
"Peace Birds"
"Stained Glass Tree"
"Radiant Tree"
"Singing In The Rain"
paint & cocktails sunset lighthouse
"Sunset Lighthouse"
"One Love"
"Whimsical Tree"
paint & cocktails snow light
"Snow Light"
"Moored in the Cay"
"Amsterdam Rain"
"Light of the Moon"
"One Small Step for Cats.."
"Pink Orchids"
  "Early Fireflies"
"Patchwork Giraffe"
"Beach Life"
"Van Gogh's Fields"