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You have found/purchased/created a piece of work that speaks to you… Congratulations!  That is the hardest part!  Don’t let others judge what moves your soul, this is about you :).  Does your significant other absolutely hate it?  Well then either a compromise needs to be negotiated, or… they can choose to see what joy it brings to your face and help you hang it!




There are a few things to consider when deciding where to hang your Picasso. 

  • Colour
  • Focal Point
  • Natural vs. Artificial Light
  • Theme



Have a look at the colours in your masterpiece and the colours of the rooms you are considering hanging it in.  You have two choices here…

    1. The walls and/or accessories of the room are the same or similar to some, or all of the colours. This will result in your artwork complementing the room rather than jumping out instantly.  
    2. The alternative is to go for a contrasting feel. This is where you purposely choose to hang your art where the colours are opposed.  Refer to the colour wheel for an idea of which colours are opposite each other.  This results in the artwork jumping out at you as you enter the room.  Which leads us to focal point…



Every room should have a focal point.  This is where the eye is instantly drawn to when you first enter.  It is what jumps out at you.  You can have a few focal points, but I would recommend no more than 3 per room.   If you have more than one, they should be viewed as primary, secondary and tertiary so that your eye goes to them in that order.  You do this so that the viewers eyes are drawn to one, then the next, then the next in a flow rather than a 3 way visual assault.  Size and colour are the basic deciding factors which determine this.  So decide if your artwork is going to be a focal point or not in the room and hang it in a location to achieve this.  Here are some examples:



Be aware that natural light, while beautiful on a piece of artwork, can also be damaging.  Direct sunlight can fade, dry and destroy your beloved piece.  Consider this carefully when choosing a location.

Artificial light is one of the best ways to feature a piece of artwork.  There are many options to achieve this including track light/spot light from a distance or a light that hangs directly over the picture.  They come in both wired and wireless versions, some even with remote controls! some examples here. The addition of a light to your artwork can make turn it into a focal point instantly!



The last thing to consider is the theme of the room and the theme of the painting.  This is similar to the concept of colour, where you can complement or contrast.  Consider a room that is decorated in a coastal/beach theme.  The décor consists of lots of white and aqua, shell accents and coffee table books featuring sand and surf.  Then you hang a large black and red abstract painting on the wall.  It is a focal point for sure, and you have to decide if you want that contrast or you would like to stick with the theme of the room.  This can also occur without the colour factor.  Consider the same room and your artwork is a large depiction of the Eiffel tower.  So you are laying by the sea, viewing Paris… hmmmm.  While the colours may go together, the themes do not.  So unless you are going for this disparity, I would advise that you stick within the same theme. 

Just a few things to consider when hanging your new find!  Good Luck and send me some pictures of where you have hung your beloved piece. 

Susan :)

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